What is Weld Neck Flange, Material Types, and Specifications

The weld neck flange (WN flange) has a neck that relocates the pipe's stress, thereby reducing the pressure collected in the flange bottom.  This product is compatible with pipelines that work in high- or low-temperature conditions and bear high pressures.

What is Weld Neck Flange?

Two Shapes of Welding Neck Flange

A welding neck flange with hub comes in two shapes, one that has a reducing neck, and one that has a typical long neck, referred to as a long neck weld flange

Slip On flange Socket Weld flange Lap Joint flange Stub End Threaded flange Blind flange

Types of Flanges

Materials of WN Flanges

Welding neck flanges are available in a variety of materials.  Standards will have to be followed for these materials. Material quality should also be in compliance with ASTM or ASME standards. Flange thickness and inner diameter will be determined by the size of the pipe for which this welding neck flange is designed.