Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings Weight Chart

Welded stainless steel fittings and austenitic ss 304 weight calculator are the most frequently used steel weight & grades. There are many types of pipe fittings, including bends, couplings, elbows, crosses, and tees.

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welded fittings are leak-proof, buttweld pipe fittings dimensions with matching pipe schedules will provide BW flow of media. Smooth inner surfaces and slow directional changes can reduce pressure losses, turbulence, and erosion and corrosion.

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Calculation of elbow weight

According to ASME B16.9, the weight of 90D Elbow Long Radius is: (S - D - R) / 1000 is calculated as 0.0387 x S x (D-S) x R Thickness of the wall Elbow outside diameter (D) Radius (height) of the center line The units are all in millimeters.

Calculating the weight of tees

It is equal to the product oft of Equal Tee (ASME B16.9) equals to: A product of (S+1.5) x (D-S-1.5) x (3C-D/2) / 1000 is obtained. Thickness of the wall The outside diameter of the tee is D Length from center to end - C The units are all in millimeters.

Calculation of reducer weight

Primary class reducers (concentric or eccentric) weigh: The product of S x (D-S) x H/1000 equals 0.02466 Thickness of the wall SS pipe weight calculator Reducer's larger end's outside diameter is D Reducer height, H. The units are all in millimeters.