Aluminium is now used for window and door fittings. Today, aluminium door locks and window locks are popular. 

What makes aluminium a perfect material for windows and doors?

A thickness of ordinary metal is found in around 30% of steel.

The durability and long life of aluminium

The thickness of aluminium doors and windows is rough. Doors and windows made of aluminium are guaranteed to retain their style for a lifetime. 

Aluminium is cheaper than other alternative materials

The cost of aluminium is lower than that of wood. Due to its long lifespan, aluminium window and door fittings are less expensive. 

Stainless and Strong

Door and window fittings made of aluminum are perfect because they will not rust or stain.

What are different types of aluminium door and window fittings?

Escutcheons for doors – oval

With visible mounting, type 3000 

F1, F2, RAL, 1247, RAL 9005, RAL 9010 are the finishes available

A rectangular escutcheon of type 3005

Aluminium door and window fittings have many advantages

1. High strength and light weight

In addition to being lightweight, aluminium doors and windows are easy to operate and their sections are stronger.

2. A more durable material 

Unlike other metals, they are more durable and won’t rust during monsoons.

3. Cleans easily

Cleaning them is effortless, and they do not require high levels of maintenance like other types of materials. They only need to be cleaned twice a year. 

In India, which aluminium windows are used 

1. Sliding windows made of aluminum

As a result of the size, the view will be seamless. The windows of this type provide excellent ventilation and pass natural light, making the house seem larger. 

2. Aluminized tilt-and-turn windows

Choose virgin high grade aluminium when choosing aluminium tilt and turn windows. Due to its unique design, the window opens on two axes. Tilt the window to ventilate when necessary. Access to the cleaning area is easy.

3. Windows with aluminium frames

A window of this type does not open both inwards and outwards. By maximizing natural light, the house appears larger. The windows will last decades if they are made from virgin aluminium.

4. Window frames for aluminum villas

If you want stylish and functional windows, choose Villa windows. In addition to being good in all weather conditions, these types of windows also reduce noise.

As we now know the types of aluminium windows, let’s take a look at the different types of windows used in India.

1. Casement windows

The performance and ventilation of this type of window are excellent. It is easy to install these types of windows.

2.Windows with French doors 

It is possible to open these windows from both sides, inwards and outwards, rather than sliding them. As the panels are fitted with handles, they make it easier to lock and unlock the window. 

3. Window sliding

Due to the fact that these windows do not swing inward, more space can be saved. It is possible to install large as well as small sliding windows.


Window and door accessories

Door accessories include the following products: 

  1. Hinges for doors –

The joint serves as a connection between the door and the support system.


  1. The tower bolt 

Attached to one side of the door at its edge, it is used to secure a door. Stainless steel and brass are the two types of materials used for tower bolts.


  1. Viewers for doors 

A door viewer is also known as a peephole, peekhole, spyhole, doorhole, magic eye or magic mirror. It is a small round opening through the door that allows the viewer inside to peek out. 


  1. Stopper and guard for doors

A door stopper holds or stops a door. In this way, the door is prevented from opening too widely. 


An important part of a window is its accessories. Depending on the situation, these accessories can be used. 


  1. Locks for sliding windows 

To prevent the window from opening, these are placed in the slide. 


  1. Rollers for aluminium windows

An essential part of the window hardware, it is an important part of a window. 


  1. Handle of a window

A window handle allows the hinge to be rotated and the window to be opened and closed. There is a short handle on the window.


The following article will guide you through the process of selecting the ideal aluminium door design for your home.

  1. Entrance door made of aluminium

You should have a modern and traditional door at your entrance, so that when your guests enter your home they feel welcomed.


  1. Bathroom or study folding door made of aluminium

You should choose a space-saving design for your study and bathroom. The folding door made of aluminium is flexible. 


Slide windows made of aluminium include the following materials

  1. Wooden frame
  2. Vinyl frame
  3. Aluminium frame
  4. Fibreglass
  5. uPVC frame
  6. Fiber glass


A guide to aluminium section windows

To live in a peaceful environment, these types of windows can be used to lock out noise and sound.

Aluminuim section windows offer a variety of benefits

  1. Versatility
  2. Safe
  3. Energy Effient
  4. Long lasting and weather proof
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Eco- Friendly


India’s top hardware door brands include

  1. Ozone
  2. Godrej
  3. Dorset 
  4. Yale 
  5. Milano
  6. IPSA


How much does an Aluminium door cost in India?

  1. The price for aluminium entrance doors is Rs 750 per square foot
  2. The cost of an aluminium door hinge is Rs 800 per piece
  3. The price of an aluminium openable door for a home is Rs 1,500 per square foot
  4. A Wooden Finish Metal Aluminium Designer Door for a Home costs Rs 38,000 per piece 


In India, which alumnium doors are used?

  1. Slider door with slim profile

Traditional patio doors can be replaced with slimline slider doors. Alternatively, they are referred to as minimalist or ultra-slim doors. 


  1. Door with corner sliders

Doors of this type create completely open corners. Moving corner doors or floating corner doors are also known as these types of doors


  1. Door with a casement

A casement door is a door. Within a frame, a casement opening door leaf. The French door is also known as a sliding door. 


  1. Door that slides and folds


Multiple hinges can be used to fold these types of doors. The term “folding doors” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “bi-fold doors”. The term ‘concertina’ is also used for folding doors. 


  1. Door that lifts and slides

Special hardware is used on this door. Compared to other doors, it has larger glass panels.

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